Together with La Torre (Villa Torlonia), the childhood home of the Poet represents the focal point of the memory of Pascoli.  Reminiscences of times spent at San Mauro during his childhood and youth account for the charm of this site.  The poetry of Giovanni Pascoli has its origins here in the memory of a happy period of his life which he continually returns to in his works, as he recollects a carefree childhood which would suddenly be shattered by a rifle shot which struck his father Ruggero on August 10, 1867.
Pascoli lived in this house until the age of seven, when he and his older brothers began attending the college in Urbino, returning to San Mauro during summers.  Before being sold to private persons in 1880, the house was owned by the Pascoli brothers, and the poet returned here frequently during his years at university in Bologna.  It was during one of these many visits that Giovanni wrote the first draft of the well-known poem “Romagna”, today preserved in the Museum.

The tour is supplemented by two multi-media stations which aid visitors in learning about the life and poetry of Giovanni Pascoli, in addition to creating a highly evocative atmosphere through the reading of poems and memories performed by a noted actor.
The first room which visitors enter is the kitchen, which has been maintained in the same condition as it appeared in the poet’s day:  the room retains its ceiling of wooden beams, its large fireplace and its stone basin, evidence of the affluence of the Pascoli family.
The room on the ground floor next to the kitchen was originally the entrance way to the house and functioned as a small dining room; today it is used for temporary exhibits relating to Pascoli and local history.
On the upper floor, visitors find a display of photographs which narrates episodes of Pascoli’s life and career, as well as his original hand-written manuscripts.
The bedroom where the Poet was born, with the original cradle and the bed of his older brother Giacomo, is the brightest and most spacious of the bedrooms.  The ceiling of this room were frescoed at the time, as was the entire upper floor of the house.
The hall, which contains a marble fireplace, was originally the room of his father Ruggero.  Today it is furnished with pieces from Pascoli’s university study in Bologna, where he taught Italian literature as Carducci’s successor.
The final room on the upper floor is equipped for temporary exhibits and contains a multimedia console which allows visitors to retrace the dynamics of Ruggero Pascoli’s assassination through stories and poetic allusions, thus virtually connecting the Poet’s childhood home with Villa Torlonia in the Parco Poesia Pascoli.
The garden around the house holds memories and emotions from his childhood and youth and contains the botanical species mentioned by the Poet in his works.

The Museo Casa Pascoli is the destination of numerous visitors every year.  The Museum is involved in various cultural activities, in addition to the preservation of Pascoli’s legacy:  it continually purchases autographs, books, newspapers, magazines, photographs and memorabilia; it welcomes visitors and organizes guided tours of the places connected to Pascoli’s life; it creates educational workshops for school students and aids scholars in archival and bibliographic research; it curates temporary exhibitions and organizes conferences and seminars; it oversees the publication of scientific texts with relevance to Pascoli, and it promotes cultural tours for visitors.
In summer the garden of the Casa Pascoli and La Torre (Villa Torlonia Parco Poesia Pascoli) host the Festival “Il Giardino della Poesia. Parole, musiche e immagini nei luoghi pascoliani” (“The Garden of Poetry:  Writings, Music and Images of Pascoli’s World”).




Tuesday to Sunday
from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (winter opening hours)
from Tuesday to Sunday
from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. (summer opening hours)
Monday closed


Adults € 2.
Reduced Admission € 1 (18-25 age).
Free admission for teachers and persons under 18.
Guided tours of Casa Pascoli € 3.
Guided tours of Casa Pascoli and Villa Torlonia € 5.

* Guided tours are given only in the morning for groups up to 15 people with prior reservation. 



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